Monday, 5 July 2010

July Jesters - the story so far: 05.07.10

All that stuff with the Folksy Friday last week has left me a bit weak. However, I'm bouncing back with a quick look at some fantastic July Jesters listings. There are about 77 mad people attempting to complete this month's challenge, and I going to try my best to feature some of the new entrants this month (new, to me, at least), but first, I'm going to start off with a couple of "oldies" from last month.

So here we go...

image image image

        Maxine Veronica                    Northfield Primitives                     NOfkants Curios     

 image image image

               Fairly Girly                               Indira Albert                              Cheery Mishmash

And three from me so far this month...

image image image

Thanks for taking the time to look at these lovely offerings - pop over to Folksy now, and see for yourself.




  1. Thanks for featuring my necklace, I can't believe there is 77 of us this month!

  2. ooh Liz they all look lovely, thank you so much for including my bracelet.

    Max x

  3. Thank you for including my display fossil in your Jesters Treasury!

    Love Fairly Girly's necklace and Max's bracelet.

    Natalie x

  4. Great to see the collection.
    Thanks for featuring my dandelions print.

  5. Lovely picks. I do love the flower cushion

  6. What a lovely collection. I especially love fairly girly's necklace and Natalie's huge fossil - I'm always drawn to those dark colours!
    Many thanks for including my stripey bag!
    Sarah xx

  7. Lovely selection, and thanks for featuring the cushion :)
    Especially liking the fossil and fairly girlys pendant