Thursday, 1 July 2010

Folksy Friday - 02.07.10: Some of the shops visited by Mish73

Dear fellow Folksters (and anyone else daft enough to read these ramblings),

The following shops have all got one thing in common, well, actually they've got lots of things in common, but the one thing that connects them all, as far as this post is concerned, is the fact they have have all sold items to Mish73.

But who is Mish73, I hear you cry?

As far as I can work out, Mish73 is just a normal gal, just like anyone else, and you can keep up to date with her exploits by following her blog, The Crafty Learner.

However, she does have one important thing that makes her a bit different - (well, I'm sure she has many, but the one I'm interested in is this: she is a MASSIVE supporter of UK crafts and  has shown this by buying 129 items from 60 folksy shops in just 6 weeks. (I'm sure this figure is out of date, but I'd daren't ask for an update - I might faint!)

This post isn't about Mish73, herself, more about the shops she has chosen to buy from, mine included.

I have broken them down into 5 sections, and though I was hoping to feature the actual items bought, I find that this is far too complicated for a hot an humid Thursday afternoon/dank and gloomy Friday morning. So, I will pick a favourite of mine from each of the shops that answered my thread on the folksy forum. Thank goodness only 27 replied!!


image image image

  Whimsical Wren Jewellery            Amie Rose Designs                       Paulaz Jewels

image image image

          Damselfly Gemma               Maxine Veronica                             JCU Designs

image image image

               Beadesk                                 Sky Jewels                     J Austen Jewellery Design

image image

      Mary Elliot Jewellery                           MiMi B


image image image

      HeloiseV Crochet                   Leanne Woods Designs              Northfield Primitives

image image image

          Jentwinkle                                     Scrubbity                           Polka Dots and Posies

image image image

         Lonely Hearts                   Lemonade and Lamingtons              Mushy Makes


image image image

           Spotty 'n' Stripy                            Fiona T                                  Gooseberry Moon


              Cow Bag


image image

          NOfkants Curios             Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics 


   image image  image

                  Realicoul                                  Blue Button                         The Little Bead Box


Note to fellow folksy shop owners: I'm sorry if you think I've put you in the wrong place - and some of you cover nearly every category, but this is just a bit of fun.

I hope you'll all agree that Mish73 has wonderful taste and that there are some fantastic items showcased here.


  1. Michelle (mich73) is amazing, the folksy fairy in disguise. The Sea Sediment Jasper pendant you have picture above from my shop, she bought this morning, alongside another fossil. I am sure she almost has as many fossils in her home as I have in mine now!

    Thanks for doing this Liz and a big thank you to Michelle for being so wonderful!

    Natalie x

  2. @Natalie
    Oh, it was her, was it? Might have known :)
    I was hoping it would stay there long enough for me to buy it!
    At least it's gone to a good home.

  3. You must have the patience of a Saint to have included everyone (including me:)). There's one thing I can say for Mish, she has damn good taste!

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  6. I started out saying that the crayon roll featured wasn't either of the ones that Mish73 bought...but then I read the blog :) Typically I was being very conceited and looked for my own name first! Thank you so much for doing this, it's a brilliant feature, and kudos to you for doing it on such a hot day (what a mammoth task!).

    Thanks too to Mish73, I guess we're all going to have to buy up big when she sets up her shop (perhaps that was her plan all along - very cunning!!).

  7. Thanks for the mention. Michelle is wonderful- she gave me my first ever folksy sale!

  8. Thanks for including my crochet in your bog and well done! I wish I'd been the one opening all those parcels!

  9. Fab blog - must have taken all day! Beautiful things, Folksy is such a fab place - Dottie x

  10. Thanks for including my bracelet. Three cheers for Mish 73

  11. Thank you so much from polka dots and posies, thanks of course to the lovely Mish herself, as if not for her, this blog post would not exist ;0) I love all your pretty beads :0)


  12. Wow I really do buy a lot. But every single item I've purchased has been fab. Thank you xx

  13. Thanks Liz for doing this post-you've set it out lovely with beautiful items! and a big thanks to Michelle for visiting mine and all the other folksy shops :) xx

  14. Thank you so much for featuring my ruby ring! So many fantastic items on here.

    Thank you to Michelle for visiting me and so many other fellow folksters - you are the best!

    Jacqueline x