Thursday, 1 July 2010

The end of a (mini) era - June Loons: LAST DAY

Well, we made it. The June Loons Listing Club has ended. This blog is late , of course, but I'm working on the principle is "better late, than never".

Has the June Loons Listing Club worked for me?

You can bet your life, it has!

Wow, what an experience. Six weeks ago I decided to let my shop limp off into the sunset, which it was well on the way to doing, anyway. I hadn’t sold much, and I certainly hadn’t made much money.

For some reason I wondered about the forum and decided to get on and say hello as a last ditch attempt. I’m not really sure why this happened, but it did.

The difference in my sales has been staggering - but let’s take a closer look at what’s actually happened:

· I’ve promoted the shop and met some really wonderful people along the way.

· I’ve seen some gorgeous items (and bought quite a few, too – shush, don’t tell Hubby).

· I’ve had a wonderful time, and I’ve sold 100 items in June through Folksy – all thanks to the June Loons Listing Club.

· I’ve been challenged

· AND, I’ve been supported every step of the way. I’m never going to be able to make a living out of it, but I’m having the time of my life and keeping busy, to boot. This is actually more important to me and my family.

· I get out of bed with a spring in my step and rush downstairs to list every morning, never once thinking, “Oh, I can’t be bothered, today”.

Oh, yes, the June Loons has worked for me, and then some…July Jesters, here I come!

There isn't room here to showcase all the wonderful pieces that have been listed in June, but here are one or two of my favourites...

As ever, click on the pic to be taken through to the individual shops

image image image

       Damselfly Gemma                 Swirls and Squiggles               Whimsical Wren Jewellery

image  image image 

   KokoKelli                                Lonely Hearts                        Made with Love x

image image image

              Mildunkley                      Moody Cow Designs                  Crafty Mushroom

Here are just a few of the lovely things I bought along the way...

imageimage image

         Northfield Primitives                  Spotty 'n' Stripy                          Off the Hook

I'd like to say a HUGE thank-you to Natalie of NOfkants Curios for organising everything and keeping us all on track. Here are a few of her wonderful items...

 image image  image

And, finally three favourites of mine...

image image image

Here is the sales tally for the June Loons - High Street - eat your heart out!

imogensimagination x 5
jentwinkle x 25
DreadyDerry x 3
spottynstripy x 27
lonelyhearts x 12
LemonadeAndLamingtons x 5
alibalijewellery x 9
NOfkantsCurios x 15
PaulazJewelz x 16
CraftCupboard x 3
HeloiseV x 6
polkadotsandposies x 15
JewelleryAngel x 16
beadesk x 8
lizdyson aka The Little Bead Box x 100
damselflygemma x 6
lejjewellery x 2
moodycowdesigns x 10
northfieldprimitives x 13
amierosedesigns x 12
MushyMakes x 8
ForestFlower x 6
DottiesCards x 4
Dottiedesigns x 12
DottiesBitsandBobs x 7
whimsicalwrenjewellery x 18
MadeWithLoveX x 17
RubyRattingtosh x 4
JAustenJewelleryDesign x 3
bexbydesign x 11
vintagedreams x 13
Squintessential x 3
maxineveronica13 x 5
CraftyMushroom x 4
dropscone x 2
jcu x 9
Mild x 2
BlueButton x 1
MaryElliottJewellery x 4
Kokokelli x 6
Mirribeads x 1
BlueForestJewellery x 1

How impressive is that?

Thanks for sticking with me all this time.

Speak to you soon.




  1. Thanks so much Liz for featuring my hairclip. How impressive is that sales tally Ms.Super Seller!! I haven't decided what to do with the beads I bought yet but they're yummy. I've been very tempted by loads of your listings.
    Right- better list my first Jester item and have a peek at what you and the others have listed!!

  2. Thank you too! You have been an inspiration in the June Loons, seeing you sales tally and hearing how you were close to closing and how things have turned around is just fantastic.

    Thank you for the special mention and you too are on my blog!

    Love Natalie x

  3. Thanks for showing my earrings. You have some lovely picks here.

  4. So glad you joined the loons Liz. It's lovely to hear how it turned your shop around. Thanks for featuring my brooch too x

  5. Well done Liz on that spectacular sales tally! And thank you for bumping mine up quite significantly in those last few days! x

  6. Liz you did fabulously with your listings in June. Well done. Thankyou so much for including my journal in your collection. You have chosen some great items.
    Enjoy your day,
    Rachael. x

  7. Hi Liz, thanks for featuring my Swirls And Squiggles bracelet :)
    I'm happy that you've done so well in June, very well done!

    Karen x

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my daisy card, Liz! Well done for your amazing sales tally and to everyone who was a June Loon. A gorgeous selection of items there!

    Debbie x