Friday, 16 July 2010

Folksy Friday: 16.07.10 - Lucite Flowers...and then some!

For anyone who's been on Mars this week and doesn't know already, I took delivery of 5400 Lucite flowers last Thursday afternoon. I was so excited, though I must admit that I was a little LESS excited after sorting them all out!

The BIG DAY  dawns and my beautiful, longed for Lucite flowers arrive

folky stock 405  folky stock 408 folky stock 412

Work In progress - No eating at the dining table for a couple of days (didn't go down too well with Hubby)

folky stock 414  folky stock 418 folky stock 424

2 days in and there are NOWHERE NEAR enough bags considering that amount of blood sweat and tears that went into sorting them out.

  folky stock 430  folky stock 436 folky stock 439

It was worth it, though, to see my first 10 bags of Button Flowers disappear un under 2 hours!


To date, I've sold my Lucite flowers to 8 different designers:-

Linden Tree Designs, Squintessential, Just 4 Me, STEAMPUNKSTORM, Iyobo Design, Mish73, Little Ann and Poppyfields Design

I'd like to say a big thank-you to all of you for supporting me so well.

Here is just a glimpse of their work..(Just 4Me and Mish73 are currently making stuff)

.image  image image

image   image   image

As ever, click on the pic to be taken through to the relevant shops.

See you again, soon.




  1. Lovely collection.

    I just got a little parcel containing 6 tubes of drop beads ... and I was really excited. Just seen your post and the WHOPPER box of lucite flowers. You must have clean passed out : )

  2. Thanks for including my earrings. : )
    I made a bracelet with the flowers but I'm not sure yet if this is what I wanted, will have to think about it : ) But they are all so beautiful and so many, difficult to keep my hands off... would need some more idea how to use them, lol.
    Beata x

  3. Wow, So many flowers, bet you were sorting day and night!

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making with them too!

    Natalie x

  4. I love them all lined up on the dining room table, my table looks like that, but much more untidy! we have to sqidge everthing up to have tea! Millie x

  5. I think we've only used our dining table once to eat off- its alway covered in my crafty stuff. Luckily hubby doesn't mind. We'll use it for eatting off when we have children but until then, knees are good enough!
    I keep eying up your flowers. May have to get some myself

  6. Thank you so much for featuring that necklace, it's one of my most "proud of" creations!!

    I'm *really* enjoying playing with my lovely lucite flowers. And I'm re-discovering my wire working skills, after a while away from them, which is also great. Going to have to come back for some more flowers soon, methinks...