Friday, 22 January 2010

Guess what, again?

Well, you’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you…no, no, no, I haven’t got another follower, this is something completely different –HA!

Anyway, loading photos onto folksy takes an age (I assume that all the other crafters are like me and have other thing to do and make during the day and don’t get to update their sites until everyone else has gone to the bed [or to the pub, in Mark’s case]), so I actually went upstairs and took some stunning shots of the infamous untidy workroom – and here they finally are.

Messy Workroom 2         Messy Workroom 5     Messy Workromm with cat 3

So, let me explain what we can see here.

Picture 1 is pretty standard for me. To get in the room I have to take out the linen basket, 3 plastic boxes and the large cardboard box, which, incidentally, is going to form the basis of Christian’s Easter Bonnet this year. There is a desk in there – if you look closely, you can see a leg just right of centre.

Picture 2 shows…wait for it…a TIDY, yes, TIDY work area. The desk is only in this good state because Joanna takes pity on me every few months and starts tidying up (mind you, I spend the next few months looking for everything!)

Picture 3 shows my cute cat that had snuck in while I was snapping away – it’s been such a long time since she could actually squeeze in, she thought it was Christmas all over again. She’s called Asmodeus. Yes, I know it’s a boy’s name, but that’s what Mark wanted to call her, and as that was one of the stipulations for getting a cat (the others being it had to be female, a kitten and black all over) then the rest of us just went along with him.

Any blokes reading this should know that that’s how wives/kids get exactly what they want out of you – who cares what the colour/sex/name is so long as we get one? – one for the family, I reckon? (No chance of a dog, though, …yet…) I think he probably gave that list of conditions in the safe knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to get anything for a while - Ha, men! The cat was installed within 20 hours of his list of demands – the echo had not yet left the house.

The introduction of the second cat, a stray that was not female, a kitten or black all over was something of a coup, really. But that’s for another day.

Now what interesting photos shall we finish on tonight???

How about Joanna’s foot?

Or the washer I found in a Holland’s Pudding recently?

How about some sexy long black opera gloves? No, I think, perhaps we’ll leave that one, no-one wants to see them anyway, they’re not attached to a sexy, scantily clad beauty .

So, we’ll stick with our original plans, and you can tell me which you think is the more exciting. I seriously favour the washer, what do you say?

Joanna's new Docs      Wuhan 003

Good night, Gentle Reader (well, Geraint, really!)



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