Wednesday, 20 January 2010 is really, really slow tonight, so we’ll do this instead…


Sorry to start everything like that, but it seems I must say it a lot, and I definitely write as I speak. Anyway, Folksy is driving me mad with it’s slowness so here we are again.

What shall I say?

Do people only talk about their business, or do they go into personal stuff in these blogs? (I’m afraid I’m a blogging virgin, so it’s all new to me.)

I think I lean more towards the “talk-about-anything-and-everything” method (hope that’s OK with you?) I am after a person and not just a jewellery store. (Mind you, I’m not even that half the time!!!)

Well, I was going to load up one of my recent creations on folksy, but I’ll post it here instead. I really like it, but Mark says it’s about as tacky as you can get – what do you think?

Handmade malachite necklace with blood red polymer clay roses and matching pendant drop made from 2 roses. The spacer beads and toggle clasp are sterling silver. The length is currently 16 inches, but can be changed to suit. The price is £21

Gosh, it’s taken me ages to get this text next to the picture, and I’m really quite pleased with myself. Big smile :)

This piece is called Malachite Rose for obvious reasons. If you’ve never seen malachite in the flesh, then you are certainly missing out on one of nature’s richest pleasures. It is the warmest green with striking striations of bottle green running through it. It’s relatively expensive in gemstone terms, but it’s gorgeous, and I LOVE it.

 Beautiful freshwater pearls in various colours, some natural, come dyed: Aqua, Pink, Lime, Bronze (but more dark red really) Champagne, Ivory, Peacock, and min pearls in mixed natural shades of ivory, pink, peach, cjhampagne and lilac. Price per string.Here’s something else that I’m really, really into at the moment (note to self: stop saying really, it’s really annoying).

I love, love, LOVE these pearls. I can’t stop playing with them (absolutely NO sniggering, now – behave!)

I can’t get these on folksy either, but, to be fair, it’s not their fault this time. I can’t find my invoice, so I’m not absolutely sure how much I paid for them, so I’m not too sure what  to charge. I’m being lazy really (AAAHHH). I just can’t face trying to get into the rather untidy workroom and sort things out.

At this point, I should post a picture of the rather untidy workroom, but I haven’t taken one yet (tomorrow’s task), so here’s a picture of the recent snow instead.

My back garden just befreo Christmas 2009 showing the sudden 6-8 inch snowfall.

I think that’s enough for tonight – I’ll save the Ritalin story for another day!

Thanks for listening (that’s just in case you are)


 Kisses all round

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