Friday, 4 March 2011

From field to needle

OK, some of you may have noticed that I'm spinning my own yarn now, but have you ever wondered how the yarn gets from the sheep to your living room?

This is a short history of one particular BFL whole fleece that arrived yesterday.

First the fleece is picked over for poo etc (well, the powers that be call it vegetable matter, but let's be honest, they mean poo!)

Here's the whole fleece, weighing about 2kg -  head at the top of the picture (I think)


Next it needs a bath, oh boy, does it need a bath?

So it goes into the stunningly up-to-date pink (yuk) bath and becomes this primordial mess.


It's going to stay there for 24 hours so hubby won't be overly pleased with the pervading sheep smell in our bedroom - Tough!

I'll be back tomorrow with the next stages - what's the betting it's raining cats and dogs so I won't be able to dry it properly?

'Til tomorrow.



  1. great idea to show us the whole process - look forward to further installments!

  2. Cor! Quite a process! Interseting (-:

  3. ...That should be spelt interesting!