Thursday, 24 June 2010

Folksy Friday: 25th June - Chickens

As I said, my chicken coop flooded last week. Fortunately, the hens don’t use it, preferring the lovely new, “handmade in the next village” coop I bought them. The original one was really for a bit of shelter and was a cheap import. However, flooding is flooding, and the suppliers very graciously agreed to a full refund after me having sent them LOADS of detailed pics of the water running down the inside walls!

Then I got some new hens, which are housed in the dodgy coop at the moment and I got to thinking about water and chickens etc.

Yesterday’s entry featured some lovely water-themed pieces from some wonderful Folksy sellers, and today I’m carrying on the general theme with a feature on chickens.

Yes, chickens! On Folksy, yes!

To get the ball rolling, here are some pics of my lovelies…all bantams:

Picture 1 shows my first two Pekins, Lemony and Buffy

Picture 2 shows my feisty Pekin cross, Milly

Picture 3 is my lovely new, extremely timid Welsummer, Holly – the “hole” at the back of her head is where an amorous cockerel has previously been holding her, pulling her feathers out, but they will grow back.

Chickens 001 Chickens 128 Chickens 259  

Picture 4 is one of my new Barnevelders, Wilma, the larger of the two.

Picture 5 is the other Barnevelder, Betty with Milly.

Picture 5 is the offending coop

Chickens 238 Chickens 261 Chickens 052

And now, the moment you’ve all really been waiting for… the Folksy gallery!

When I started looking for chickens on Folksy, I didn’t really expect to find any – how wrong can you be?

All this stuff is fabulous and if you click on the pic you will be taken through to the relevant Folksy shop

First up is Melisa Moody with her shop, Sugarplum Kawaii: next comes Alison Deegan with her detailed lino cut print, which can be found in her shop, Hand-printed by A. Deegan: following nicely on is Connie Yates, Konnie Kapow,  with her fabulous Chicken note cards (a pack of which I’ve just bought!)

image image image

And last, but by no means least is my absolute favourite…The Beach Hutchy from  LittleHutchys



That’s all folksy, or should I say “Folksy folks”?

Thanks for bearing with me all this time.




  1. Yay! Thanks for featuring my notecards!

    You're chickens are so gorgeous! My parents have a free range egg business with over 3,000 hens, I think they're such fabulous creatures although they don't half pong!


  2. HOWEVER...Publishing it on a Thursday doesn't help me in working out what day it is chicken!

    tee hee!

    Fab feathered finds!


  3. Connie, I've already checked out your parents' website - it looks great.
    My 6 little things can be a bit pongy a times (every 7th poo is a stinker, as it comes from a different part of the internals), but thousands must pong quite a bit, all the time.
    Thanks for your comments and for the notecards, which are a present for a chicken mad friend.

  4. What a lovely post....and thanks so much for featuring my funky chicken necklace! I'm a bit of a mother-hen myself with my family and such (-:

  5. i love chickens :D
    great finds, love them all....but how amazing is that hutch??? x

  6. Brilliant choices, lovely to have those fresh eggs:)

  7. Love the cards!! Fab theme!


  8. brill theme, I love chooks and wish I had some! My dad used to breed them, yours look in tip top condition! nice folksy items too!

  9. I'm looking into getting a few chickens for our small garden..and that was the coop I have my eye on :(
    do you think the flooding was just a fault on yours or a design blip???
    Your chooks are very pretty ladies - love your silkies x

  10. I didn't mean silkies I meant pekins *blushes*
    I have several windows open and getting ahead of myself!!!!

  11. Great finds. Cute little notecards

  12. They're all brilliant! And I love you chicken called Milly - especially her feathery trousers!

  13. My husband used to keep chickens on our allotment we had, loved getting fresh free range eggs. We lost them through a disease they caught. I love how youve named them.

    Lizzy xx

  14. Thnks for your lovely comments, people.

    @patchfabrics - I'm sure this is just a blip - make sure you get one with ventilation in the house - it's a lot wasier to keep a coop wamr than cool, and heat = disease
    Happy hunting.

  15. So cute and great chicken folksy finds.

    My Eldest wanted to keep chickens, to sell the eggs on, make his own little buisness empire.
    But I know who'll end up doing it.

    Natalie x