Sunday, 30 May 2010

1 hour 34minutes ‘til lift off…….

Well, I’ve joined a Folksy June listing club – the June Loons, or Jesters, or something like that.

I’m quite excited by the prospect of listing every day, although, to be honest, I’m much more that type of person who will sit down for 8 hours straight and list all at once and then nothing for a month. However, I can see that this is not the most productive way of making people aware of your stuff, so I’m going to do it by the book and stick to one a day.

I’ve ordered in some great new items – coming up will be chain, both assembled and by the metre, and related findings in copper plate.

There’s some pretty tapered fan sets in gorgeous gemstones, such as Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye and Onyx and more.

I’ve also got some jewellery that never got listed in my other shops, and so, I’m going to list it on The Little Bead Box and see what happens.

Every day I’ll post something on my blog with the details of my new items and you’ll be able to check them out, dear Reader, by simply clicking on the picture.

And in the midst of this hive of activity will be my Folksy Friday posts where I will be showcasing some of my favourite things on offer from my fellow Folksters

This is going to be so much fun.

Until tomorrow…

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