Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I’m just checking to see what happens if I post another comment



It’s taken me about 3 hours to sort out this silly MS live blog – I’m just writing something to find out which of my 2 blogs this writer will post to. Perhaps it will go to both, wonders will never cease.

Shall I say something?

I tell you, the messy workroom is astonishing – I can’t even get in there at the moment. The junk is piled so high that I can’t see the desk, let alone get anywhere near it! You can’t even enter the room without taking something out first (well, I did say it was small). Anyway, shall I clear it out? I’m not making anything right now as I concentrate on getting my website sorted out. I hope one day to become some wonderfully rich jewellery magnate reclining in comfort whilst the millions come rolling in (I’ll have a dog then too, because Mark certainly won’t let me have one now – awwhh), but to be honest, I think that might be some time in coming. (And the dog’ll be even longer!!)

Let’s see what happen when I post this…

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